Recovery Is A Long Haul

So most of you who follow the channel know that back in May I fell from the second floor of my barn build and broke my right leg below the knee in a few places.  Basically I now have a lot of metal hardware in my leg holding my ankle together and will not be able to walk on this leg until almost September.

Second Dr. Visit

This is one of those things that to a very active guy is a very hard thing to handle.  Every day I sit in my recliner or bed with the leg elevated looking out the windows watching the haying being done on our family farm without me.  I look out and see my two plus year timber framing project still not closed in and subject to the elements wondering if it’ll ever be done.

It would be very easy to get down with those thoughts and I can tell you that I have had my moments.  If you are in the same position that I am you know what I mean.  I think back to the day I fell and realize that I could have just as easily been killed.  Looking on the bright side is not always my strong suite but I need to make it happen on this deal.

I am lucky to have a great wife to keep me going.  She has taken over the channel duties until I can get back and is doing a great job showing the farm and so forth.  My children have also stepped up to take care of the minor stuff that I cannot get out to do right now, the two older ones are really helping out.  Every day I get a little better, the pain subsides a little more and the beat goes on.  The point of all of this is that if you are currently injured and in the same boat, try to stay positive and follow doctor orders.

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  1. Well said Jim. I went through a fairly long recovery when I had knee surgery in 2011. My daughter Emma was born the same week. It can be depressing and frustrating and seem like forever, but you will recover and be stronger than ever. I was so determined to get back on my feet that once I recovered I trained for a year and then ran two marathons just to prove I could do it. Take care bro. I would be honored to come help you with that timber frame. I’m just over in New Hampshire, so give me a shout if you would like a hand.

  2. JIm,
    Just know that it will heal. . I don’t have any of the hardware left in my ankle from my last surgery (actually was 7 procedures at once) almost 8 years ago.Luckily at that time I was able to go to work and sit at my desk with my leg elevated every day for 4 months before I was able to put weight on it again. Unfortunately the heal spurs are back, Doc just not ready to operate again.

  3. Hi Jim,

    Recovery is a hard thing. My wife has breast cancer and I saw her go through recovering after all treatments. It is a hard thing. Hard on the person recovering but also hard on everyone in the family. Stay positive! You have a great group of followers that are all pulling for you. It will get better – just takes time. Take care!

    1. This is the hardest thing mentally I’ve ever dealt with but it will get better. Funny thing is this isn’t a standard broken leg, this one is a type that can have a major impact on the rest of my life. That’s the part that is getting me.

      1. Trying send you a pic but this thing has me stumped
        Figured you would like to see what i made out of old barn beams but go figure technology or those of us who are cursed

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