We All Have to Start Somewhere


So you want to live off the grid…me too!  We’re starting out here on our little farm towards living the off grid lifestyle.  Every year we add some element to our journey that brings us one step closer towards meeting that goal.

This year will hopefully be the largest jump towards those goals that we’ve ever had.  This year we’re building a large timber frame barn.  For the last few years I’ve been working out of a tiny shop that I outgrew the day I started building it…unfortunately time and money have kept me from going bigger.

Well the time and money aspect hasn’t changed much but the need for more space to make the work I do easier and cleaner has greatly increased.  I look around my yard and shop area and it looks like a bomb went off, tractors in various states of disrepair, again, time and money, building materials, metal for welding projects, firewood, logs for the saw mill…you name it, it’s in my yard.  I’m lucky though that I have a patient wife.  Hopefully this year that changes when I finally have a spot that I can consolidate the things I will use and get rid of the junk that I don’t need.

I invite you all the follow along as we continue on this journey.  Here you will find links to our YouTube channel: TheTradesmanChannel 2017 as well as links to other channels doing the same thing.  Here will be a gathering point for the skills and self made technology useful to getting off the grid and keeping more of that evil green stuff in your pocket…with that said I hope you folks enjoy the information we will be sharing here!

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