The Big Plan

So I have been hinting around about the house addition since the completion of the barn project, or the semi-completion I should say. In the last couple of weeks I have been drawing up plans and putting prices together. I can tell you that the price of lumber and building materials has gone up substantially since I have last built anything for the house.

The addition will be 20’x28′ and it will be a hybrid timber frame and stick built addition. A hybrid is a nice way to go simply due to the prices of SIP panels. A house that might cost you, the homeowner, $20k to cut the frame will likely triple that just in the SIP panels.

SIP panels are great for dealing with the modern times of building codes that are geared heavily towards insulation and air infiltration but the cost of them is enormous. For most of us who want the timbered look in our homes, SIP panels are just beyond our budget.

Enter the hybrid timber frame and stick built home or addition. Basically you are still building a stick frame around your timber frame. Some people will timber frame the main living space of their home to get that wide-open floor plan and then build the rest of the house around the central living area. This works well because you can have the structural benefits of a timber frame with the standard lower costs of insulating the modern stick built home and on the plus side, you still get the stunning affects of a timbered living space.

In our case the timber frame within the stick built structure is strictly for looks and the reward that I get just from cutting joinery. This will still be built as if it is the main structure, timbers are heavy and there can still be issues if you do not execute the joinery properly just from the weight of the timbers.

For this build I will be making plans available to all of you folks. Here are the details of the addition:

-The slab will be poured at 6″ thick with a 12″x12″ footer all the way around the outside and down the center of the slab. This is the standard method for a floating monolithic slab.

-There will be four courses of block to bring the addition to the same height as the existing house. There will also need to be block columns under each wall post going from the slab to the subfloor. Standard subfloor will not support the weight of a timber frame.

-There will be two sets of laminated beams under the floor to support the floor structure. This will allow me take any bounce out of the floor framing.

-There will also be a master bathroom on the north side of the addition, this will be 8’x10′.

-Adjoining the master bathroom will be a 8’x10′ back porch, just big enough for two chairs and a small table. My wife and I enjoy our coffee so this will be a nice feature.

-There will also be a 4’x20′ closet in the space leaving us with a main room with a 16’x20′ measurement. The timber frame will be in the 16’x20′ area.

As this project progresses we will get heavier into the details but that is where we are at at this time. I have begun picking up materials and I have a lot of work to do before I even break ground. I need to get this place looking good and fix all of the little stuff that needs fixing in order to make the bank happy. Unfortunately I need to go through the bank, who knows, maybe we’ll have a viral video or two on the channel that will pay for it all.

With all of that said, look out for new content. It will not be long and I’ll be cutting timbers again, plus you will get to see this one from breaking ground to putting on the roof.

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