Test Fitting Our First Top Plates

Test fitted the scarf for the top plate last night.  It went pretty well for the first one.  So much easier to cut that scarf than the ones in my ties.  The rest I’ll cut on the saw mill, cut the time in half.  This joint sure will solve my setting the top plate dillema.

A Different Kind of Scarf Joint part 1

It’s no secret that I’m flying solo on this timber frame project and it is also no secret that I run into challenges along the way.  Figuring out the best course of action for setting my top plates was one of my largest concerns.  In the video below I am solving that issue with a different style scarf joint than what we used for the tie beams.  Hope you folks find the information useful.

Sawmill and Chainfalls

In the spirit of working smarter, not harder, we are showcasing another trick for dealing with logs on the sawmill without a peevee.  A good set of chainfalls is a must have item around a farm or homestead.  They work better than a come along for hoisting and are easier on the body.  Dave your backs folks.

Setting Some Floor Joists

Moving along with the barn project here is a video on floor joists.  Normally I use the tractor with a homemade boom pole but this time I decided to set them by hand.  Hope you folks enjoy the show.

The Final Bent 

Here it is folks, the final bent is finally stood.  This is a huge milestone for this project.  From here on out we are off to the second floor.  Hope you folks enjoy.

The Final Wall Post Almost Finished!

There it is folks, we are now finished with the final timber for the first floor, what a good feeling.  I have battled with getting time to work on this build all summer long.  Between rain, the farm and a full time job progress has been slow for sure but now we are heading into fall and this is the time of year that we make huge strides in progress.  Keep following along, it’s going to start getting good from here on out.

Milling a New Timber

For those of you who have been following along on the channel we ran into a snag on the final wall post…rot in the heartwood.  I determined that the timber was no longer usable so we decided to mill a new one.

The milling went smoothly and we now have a shiny new wall post to work with.  Hope you folks enjoy the show.

A New Vlog on TheTradesmanChannel 2017

A Timber Framing Vlog: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYGEKyMFysQkX6ZW4KCMJ07EGzCX129k3

We have made many videos and tutorials on timber framing but we had not just shown the day to day progress on the project, or the lack thereof.  I decided to take the channel into a new direction as far as format and delivery of content is concerned

We will still bring you tutorials in these videos but there are now more time lapses and hopefully a smoother flow in the videos will be the end result.

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