The Final Bent 

Here it is folks, the final bent is finally stood.  This is a huge milestone for this project.  From here on out we are off to the second floor.  Hope you folks enjoy.

The Final Wall Post Almost Finished!

There it is folks, we are now finished with the final timber for the first floor, what a good feeling.  I have battled with getting time to work on this build all summer long.  Between rain, the farm and a full time job progress has been slow for sure but now we are heading into fall and this is the time of year that we make huge strides in progress.  Keep following along, it’s going to start getting good from here on out.

Milling a New Timber

For those of you who have been following along on the channel we ran into a snag on the final wall post…rot in the heartwood.  I determined that the timber was no longer usable so we decided to mill a new one.

The milling went smoothly and we now have a shiny new wall post to work with.  Hope you folks enjoy the show.

A New Vlog on TheTradesmanChannel 2017

A Timber Framing Vlog:

We have made many videos and tutorials on timber framing but we had not just shown the day to day progress on the project, or the lack thereof.  I decided to take the channel into a new direction as far as format and delivery of content is concerned

We will still bring you tutorials in these videos but there are now more time lapses and hopefully a smoother flow in the videos will be the end result.

A Part Time Farmer…

On my YouTube channel I cover a lot of timber framing as that is what I am working on during the season leading up to the extreme busyness of summer in cold country.  It’s a life living in a cold climate that makes summer a blur of activity and the winters a slow march towards warmer weather and a slow setting n of cabin fever if you can’t find the will to get outside and battle the elements. Continue reading “A Part Time Farmer…”

Timber Framing Q and A

I recently put up a video on my YouTube channel offering to do a question and answer session on timber framing.  I have received several excellent questions and thought I would put some of them in writing here along with the answers for future reference.  This article will be put out in multiple installments as there is a lot of information to share. Continue reading “Timber Framing Q and A”

Progress Update on the Farm

For those of you who have been following along on my YouTube channel you are already up to speed.  If you are new to the channel or this blog site then this is a little update for you.

I have one more bent to stand on the barn and the first floor is standing!  This is a milestone for me and this project.  In the above video I’m showing you how to cut a simple scarf joint for timber framing and that joint is in the very last tie beam I have to cut for this project.  If the weather cooperates then I should have the main frame stood within the next couple of weeks.  After that it will be time build the second floor.

Another thing I would like to mention is that I am working on a video answering questions from viewers on the barn build and whatever else people would like to know about that we are into here.

If any of you have any questions you are welcome to join the conversation by either leaving a comment on this post or a comment in the video below.

Jim The Tradesman

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