Beginning of a Blacksmith Shop

We’ve been hot and heavy into timber framing since I’ve started this website and the YouTube channel but that is just one interest I have and I think now is a good time to share another interest: blacksmithing.

There are not many things I do just for the fun of doing it, this is no different.  I am at a point in the timber frame where I need a few different tools to work with to speed the job up.  The biggest one being a large draw knife to peel logs with.  I could buy one but they are not cheap but I am.

Looking around my property full of “yard art” I have everything I need to setup a simple blacksmithing shop for the purpose of tool making.  I also have an abundant amount of 1080 steel kicking around to work with.

With that said there is a new series on the channel documenting this process that I hope others will find useful.

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