Another Q and A

We have not done a Q and A in quite some time so if anybody has any questions they would like to see answered, throw them out there and and I’ll do my best to get you answers.

8 thoughts on “Another Q and A

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  1. I don’t know this is the right place to leave a message but you’re doing fine who gives a rat’s ass about all the negative people out there that don’t know what the hell’s going on in life you doing a full-time job but you’re taking care of your family question doing this way Beyond anybody else’s expectations and you tell him to get lost tell me to get lost kick rocks and they treat you bad and I’m homeless and disabled I like to watch with your schooling I don’t understand what the problem is it’s great entertainment and to learning something that they don’t want to learn to go somewhere else that’s how I see it doing good man you kind of in the trade I’m in but here in the higher up higher up in the electrical trade I am but I was an inside Wireman for Local 332 until I got my disability and it’s not a living on the streets homeless and stuff but I’m learning something I don’t know why I would go somewhere else if they don’t have a good day and I don’t read them but they ride still you might take it too personal don’t complain about my punctuation in the way I type when I send you this message cuz I don’t type it for me I like Google Voice translate my messages and exchanging me so I don’t bother you I like what you’re doing like what you do at work to please receive stuff Timber framing only I don’t know you don’t have to watch it that’s a little one little league answer me I’m going to look up to you in the end trust me my resent your butthole end up liking regretting it down the road


  2. I’m interested in using Burch remind Timberpeg and I’ve never done it before. We Live up here in north western Montana and other species of hardwood hard to come by. Has anyone ever use the species before?


  3. I use voice recognition software and you can always depend upon is mistakes that way. My last comment reminded me to read before you oust that post button.
    You commented in one of your videos that you feared redundantcy. JIM, these videos are suitable for homeschooling and we learn by redundancy. I guess my point is it doesn’t seem redundant on this end end it is serving an important purpose. It is never boring either.
    Keep up the good work! Thanks


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